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Participation Rules & Regulations


In this Regulation, the following words and expressions shall (except where the otherwise requires) have the following meanings:

Applicant - the sole proprietorship, partnership or limited company whose details are specified in the Application Form.

Application Form - the application form for the Applicant to apply for the right to exhibit at the Exhibition to which a copy of this Regulation is attached.

Associates -

  1. any employees, contractors, subcontractors, representatives, or agents of the Exhibitor or its Associates; and
  2. in relation to an individual Exhibitor means any relatives of the Exhibitor and any company which the Exhibitor or its relative is a shareholder or director of such company; and
  3. in relation to a corporate Exhibitor means any shareholders or directors of the Exhibitor and any relatives of such shareholders or directors and any company which the Exhibitor or its shareholders or directors or any of their relatives is a shareholder or director of such company.

Complainant - the Exhibitor filing a complaint to the Organiser in respect of an infringement of intellectual property rights at the Exhibition.

Exhibition - the exhibition to be known as F&A Trade Show, which will be organized by the Organiser at the Exhibition Venue during the Exhibition Period.

Exhibition Period - the period between June 1 to 3, 2012

Exhibition Venue - Gayatri Vihar, Palace Ground, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

Exhibitor - the relevant Applicant whom the Organiser has accepted, in writing, its application to exhibit at the Exhibition.

Organiser - S S Textile Media Pvt. Ltd.

Products - any goods, products, items, samples or exhibits displayed by the Exhibitor at the Exhibition.

Regulations - the provisions contained in these “Exhibition Rules & Regulations”.

Space - the area within the Exhibition Venue where the Exhibition will be conducted.

Booth - the area within the Space designated to the Exhibitor for the purpose of exhibiting and promoting its products. This may include the structure and partitioning of the booth as the case may be, but for the avoidance of doubt shall exclude any areas in front of the booth.


The Exhibitor acknowledges that by signing the Application Form, has agreed and undertaken to comply with all its obligations under the Regulations and any other additional rules and regulations prescribed by the Organiser.

Notwithstanding payment or acceptance of the Participation Fee or part thereof, submission of the Application Form to the Organiser does not create, whether express or implied, any rights on the part of the applicant or any obligation or liability to perform any function or duty on the part of the Organiser.

The Organiser has the sole and absolute discretion to accept or reject, without giving any reason or explanation, the Applicant's application to exhibit at the Exhibition.

Where the Applicant/ Exhibitor is a business entity or a corporation, the Organiser may at any time require the Applicant/ Exhibitor to produce copies or certified copies of the Applicant's Exhibitor's Certificate of incorporation, business registration certificate, and/ or any other company registration documents.


F&A Trade Show 2012 will be held at the Palace Ground, Bangalore, India. All measurements and exhibit space layouts shown on the floor plan are as accurate as possible, but the Organiser reserves the right to make such modifications and changes to exhibit space assignments and to the location of the exhibit space as may be necessary to adjust the floor plan at any time to meet the needs of the Organiser, exhibitors, and exhibits. The Organiser reserves the option, in the event of any emergency or other circumstances beyond its reasonable control, to either substitute comparable exhibit space or to refund the total rent paid


The Organiser reserves the right to render interpretations and to establish such further rules and regulations it may deem necessary for the general success of the Exhibition. The Organiser further reserves the right to decline, prohibit or expel any exhibit, which, in its sole judgement, is in poor taste or is out of character with, or reflects poorly upon, the Exhibition or is in violation of the terms of this contract or any applicable law, rule or regulation.


The Organiser will furnish an Exhibitor Service Manual prior to the exhibition that will include specifications for labour requirements, labour rates, electricity, lighting, water, carpeting, furniture, internet access, telephones, food and beverage service etc.


The Exhibitor agrees to be bound by the rules and regulations as may be established from time to time by the Organiser or as set forth in the Exhibitor Services Manual, The Organiser will furnish the Exhibitor with the name of an exhibit service contractor prepared to furnish all services customarily required within a reasonable time prior to the commencement of the Exhibition. Complete shipping instructions and information regarding furniture rental, electrical work, telephone installation, plumbing, labour for erecting and dismantling exhibits, booths, etc., will be contained in the Exhibitor Service Manual. A service desk will be maintained in the exhibit area.


The specific times for installation and dismantling of exhibits shall be set forth in the Exhibitor Service Manual, subject to change at the discretion of the Organiser. No other times shall be allowed.


The Exhibit portion of F&A Trade Show will be held on June 1,2,3, 2012 at the Palace Ground. The Organiser reserves the right to change exhibit hours, exhibition dates, and/or to change the number of days of the Exhibition as it may deem desirable.


The Exhibitor shall not, during the Exhibition and the 2-day period before the first day of any conference and/or exhibition produced by the Organiser, conduct, organize, or be affiliated with, within 10 kilometers of said conference or exhibition(s), any functions, classes, seminars, exhibits, or similar activities (hereinafter “functions”) for more than 20 people which are similar to, competitive with or complimentary to, any functions, classes, seminars, exhibits or other activities at the Exhibition, other than (i) the exhibit provided for in this contract, or (ii) those functions approved by the Organiser in writing and held at a location specifically authorized by the Organiser.


  1. In the event the Exhibitor cancels all or part of the exhibit space contracted for hereunder, the Exhibitor shall pay to the Organiser a cancellation fee equal to 50% if the cancellation occurs on or before April 12, 2012. If the cancellation is done after April 12, 2012, the Organiser shall be entitled to 100% of the contract value. In no event shall the cancellation fee be less than one-half (50%) of the total value of the contract. Any cancellation fee is due at the time of cancellation. Whenever the payments already made by the Exhibitor to the Organiser hereunder shall exceed the cancellation fee payable, the Organiser shall refund such excess to the Exhibitor. Except for such excess, all payments made to the Organiser under this contract shall be deemed fully earned and non-refundable. The cancellation fees described above are paid as liquidated damages and not a penalty. Exhibitor acknowledges that any cancellation will cause Organiser to sustain significant damages that cannot be precisely ascertained at contract time.
  2. If the exhibit space booked by the Exhibitor is not occupied latest by 9.00 a.m. on June 1, 2012, the Exhibitor shall be deemed to have cancelled the exhibit space contracted for, and the Organiser shall have the right to use such space as it deems appropriate and the Exhibitor shall pay to the Organiser all amounts which would have been due, under the terms of sub-section (A) above as if the Exhibitor had cancelled the contract as of such date.
  3. If the Exhibitor fails to make full payment when due under the terms of the contract, the Organiser may terminate this contract and the Exhibitor shall be responsible for payment to the Organiser of all amounts which would have been due the Organiser, under the terms of sub-section (A) above as if the Exhibitor had cancelled this contract as of the date of such failure of payments.
  4. Except where the Exhibitor's obligations to pay rent may be reduced in accordance with the terms set forth in sub-section (A) above, the Exhibitor shall be responsible for payment of the exhibit space total rent whether the Exhibition is cancelled, delayed or relocated, in whole or in part as a result of a riot, strike, civil disorder, act of war, act of God, or any other cause of any kind whatsoever not within the Organiser's reasonable control.
  5. The exhibitor shall be responsible for all collection costs and legal fees for any balance that is placed for collections. In the event that any balance due is placed for collections, the exhibitor will be responsible for costs associated with the collection of this balance.



The Organiser shall have the right to offset the amount of any obligation due and owing to the Organiser from the Exhibitor against any obligations at any time due and owing to the Exhibitor by the Organiser, whether under this contract or under any other contract arrangement or understanding between the Organiser and the Exhibitor. Exhibitor is subject to Organiser's standard credit terms and policies and Organiser may apply any amounts received from Exhibitor to any other outstanding balances due to Organiser.


The Exhibitor shall provide adequate staff for maintenance and operation of its exhibit during all exhibit hours. If the Exhibitor contracts basic space, the exhibitor shall provide carpet or other suitable floor covering for its entire exhibit space, during all exhibit hours. All demonstrations or other promotional activities, including distribution of promotional material, shall be confined to the limits of the exhibit space. Sufficient space must be provided within the exhibit space for the comfort and safety of persons watching demonstrations and other promotional activities. The Exhibitor is responsible for keeping the aisles near its exhibit space free of congestion caused by demonstrations or other promotions. The Exhibitor shall not assign, sublet or share the exhibit space without the express written consent of the Organiser. The Exhibitor shall display only goods manufactured or sold in the ordinary course of its business and that are related to
the Exhibition. No individual, firm, or organization, not party to this contract, shall solicit business within the Exhibitor's exhibit area. No exhibit may exceed 2.5 metres in height without the express written permission of the Organiser. No portion of any exhibit space sign or carpeting may extend over or beyond assigned floor space. Interference with the light and space of other exhibitors is prohibited. Display material exposing an unfinished surface to neighbouring exhibit spaces is not permitted and must be finished at the Exhibitors expense. The Organiser reserves the right to perform such finishing at the Exhibitor's expense. The Exhibitor's booth and/or exhibit shall not intrude or interfere with the use of any adjacent exhibit area. The Organiser reserves the right to restrict, segregate or relocate exhibits that, because of noise, method of operation, materials or any other reason, become objectionable. In the event of any such restriction or removal, the exhibitor shall have no claim against the Organiser based upon any such restriction or removal. If the Exhibitor utilizes music (for example, from tape, record, CDs, audiovisual presentations, live entertainment or radio speakers), the Exhibitor shall first obtain written permission from the owner for the use of that music as required by applicable laws. Exhibitor shall comply with all applicable laws, censorship codes, rules and regulations that pertain to its exhibit.


The Exhibitor shall be solely responsible for obtaining any licences, permits or approvals required under local or state law applicable to its activity at the Exhibition and for obtaining any tax identification numbers and paying all taxes, licence fees or other charges that shall become due to any governmental authority in connection therewith.


The Exhibitor hereby represents and warrants to the Organiser that the Exhibitor has taken steps reasonably necessary to ensure the sound engineering and structural integrity of its exhibit design and the proper construction and safety of the exhibit itself, as erected, including obtaining the certification of a registered structural engineer if reasonably available. The Exhibitor accepts sole responsibility for any personal injury or property damage that may result directly or indirectly from the collapse of its exhibit or any portion thereof or the existence of any other unsafe condition at its exhibit. The Exhibitor hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Organiser, the owner and manager of the exhibition facility, and others lawfully on the exhibit floor, from and against any claim, loss, liability or damage suffered as a result of the Exhibitor's installation, use, construction or maintenance of an unsafe exhibit, and the Exhibitor further represents and warrants that it has obtained adequate insurance to cover its potential liability hereunder. The Exhibitor will furnish the Organiser with the engineering certificate and/or insurance certificates evidencing the coverage described herein upon request prior to or during the Exposition.


Neither the Organiser, nor any of its affiliates, agents or representatives shall have any liability whatsoever to the Exhibitor for any loss, expense or damage to the Exhibitor, its guests, invitees or any of their property, relating to or arising out of the acts of any participant, visitor or other invitee of the Organiser, other than for the Organiser's failure to perform its obligations hereunder. Under no circumstances shall the Organiser have any liability for lost profits or other special, incidental or consequential damages and the Organiser's total liability hereunder shall in no case exceed the amount of the total rent actually received by the Organiser from the Exhibitor. The Organiser makes no representations or warranties with respect to the nature or number of Exhibitors or Attendees. The Organiser shall have no liability for any failure to perform its obligations hereunder where such failure to perform was due to any riot, strike, civil disorder, act of war, act of God, or any other cause of any kind whatsoever not within the Organiser's reasonable control.


The Exhibitor hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Organiser, its affiliates, and any of its officers, directors, employees or agents from and against any and all loss, expense actions, claims, and damages, including without limitation, reasonable attorney's fees, arising out of or caused by the Exhibitor's installation, construction, removal or the maintenance of its exhibits, the Exhibitor's occupancy of use of the Exhibition premises, or any part thereof or as otherwise caused by the Exhibitor, its agents, representatives, invitees or guests.


The Organiser shall provide perimeter guard service during the hours the exhibit area is closed. However, the Exhibitor is solely responsible for the security of its own exhibit materials and the Exhibitor undertakes to obtain appropriate casualty insurance covering the same. All property of an Exhibitor is understood to remain in its sole care, custody, and control in transit to or from within the confines of the exhibit hall. The Exhibitor agrees to waive all rights of subrogation against the Organiser, its officers, directors and employees.


The Exhibitor shall obtain, at its own expense, adequate insurance of comprehensive general liability insurance. The Exhibitor shall furnish, upon request, at or prior to the Exhibition, certificate of insurance evidencing said coverage.


Neither the Exhibitor nor its representative or agents, shall injure or deface the walls or floors of the building, the exhibit spaces, or the equipment in the exhibit spaces. All materials used by the Exhibitor shall comply in all respects with all applicable laws, rules and regulations respecting fire safety and electrical equipment. Combustible materials or explosives are not permitted in the exhibit hall. The Exhibitor shall also comply with all reasonable requests of officials of the exhibit hall and the Organiser with respect to the installation, conduct and disassembly of its exhibit.


This contract contains the entire understanding of the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof and there are no other agreements, understandings, representations or warranties except as expressly set forth herein. This contract cannot be assigned, transferred, or sold by Exhibitor. The rights of the Organiser under this contract shall not be deemed waived except as specifically stated in a writing signed by an authorized officer of the Organiser.

All terms and conditions of this contract, and any disputes arising from it, are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts in Bangalore (India).

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