Fabrics & Accessories Trade Show 2012 Fabrics & Accessories Trade Show 2012
Fabrics & Accessories Trade Show
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Client Testimonials



Mr Rohit Seru - President
Alok Industries Ltd., Mumbai

"We have got a lot of enquiries to our products, but mainly from our existing clients. However, some 30% are new contacts as well. Few visitors from Sri Lanka have also appreciated our products."

Mr Pushpendra Tyagi - Vice President - Marketing
Mandhana Industries Ltd., Mumbai
"This was a good show for us. It’s a platform where we get to meet all kinds of buyers. There were buying houses, international delegations, exporters, and even buyers from abroad like Turkey. We were able to create this awareness about our company, our new designs and developments and this was appreciated by all the buyers."

Mr Keiji Kodera - Head of Southern Region
YKK India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore

"This is the first time we are participating in this show. We were able to meet a lot of people. The visitors were very interested and positive and wanted to add value to their garments by using our products in their garments. Usually, our sales people meet only the purchase department people. Here, we could interact with designers, top management, merchandizers, etc., and get valuable inputs from them too."

Mr Vineet Talwar - Sr. Vice President - Marketing
Donear Industries Ltd., Mumbai

"F&A Show 2011 was a success to us in terms of showcasing our LA products to various segments of market. It was a well-attended fair and we look forward to future meeting like this."

Mr S. S. Rathore - General Manager - Marketing
Siyaram Silk Mills Ltd., Mumbai

"We got a lot of contacts here and it is up to us to follow up with them and convert them into our customers. Time will tell."

Mr Pushparaj Kole - Director
West-End Fashions Pvt. Ltd., Kolhapur

"The response was very good. A lot of customers liked our material and proceeded by placing orders. We met buyers from China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and all of them want to explore from India. There were a lot of domestic inquiries too."


Ms Sunila Menon -Team Leader; and Vinod Krishnan -
Quality Assurance Manager

Triburg Consultants Pvt Ltd., New Delhi
"This show has been very helpful to us. The people at the stalls were very good. They were enthusiastic and took time off to explain everything to us. We were able to find new products and new companies where we could possibly source our requirements from e.g. the Nahar Group. We also found the new products displayed at the YKK stall very interesting and useful. The show has been nicely arranged, but we need more companies offering denims, knits and accessories too."

Ms Amrit D. Chaugule. General Manager - Sourcing
Gokaldas Exports Ltd., Bangalore
“This time the show has been much better organized. The new products on display at the YKK stall, as also the other displays like tapes and laces were very interesting and something we were specially looking for. I, however, felt there should have been a few more denim manufacturers. That’s the trend now!”

Mr Rakib Sajjad - Director
Jamuna Apparels Ltd., Bangladesh
"This show has grown all the more important for us. Previously, we brought yarn from India and made the fabric in Bangladesh. From January 2011, i.e. this year, European Union buyers get a duty
drawback of VAT which is as high as 12 - 14 percent. It is the same benefit whether we buy the fabric from India or is produced in Bangladesh. Now, by buying the fabrics from India we save on lead time, plus we get a lot of choice in variety from India. So, why not take advantage of this."

Ms Mariel Aguirre - Raw Materials Buyer
Sonora Apparel, Mexico

"I have come from Mexico for this show to look for fabrics suppliers. I was able to find some good fabrics and yarn at this show. I even found vendors who I could source my requirements from, like buttons. I read about this show on the Internet. You should have more suppliers and big brands too."

Mr Pritam Yadav, Fabric Technologist
Next Sourcing, Gurgaon

"The pavilion from China and the fabrics from Tirupur - both were really good. I also learnt a few things about eco-friendly fabrics and chemicals. Shows such as this help us to improve our sourcing chain and helps us locate new chain of suppliers. I, however, felt there should have been more suppliers offering accessories like natural, wooden and stones buttons as well as metallic.

Mr Walter Perera - Chairman and Managing Director
Queens Work Wear Pvt Ltd., Sri Lanka

"I found a good supplier of fabrics for chef uniforms here at the F&A Trade Show. If everything works out well, I will give them an order of at least one 20-feet container of white and twill fabrics every month. Earlier I used to import my fabrics from Indonesia, but they have doubled their prices. It is for the first time that I find that India’s prices match those of China. We prefer to import from India since the lead times are less. From Indonesia or China, it takes 15 - 20 days for a shipment to arrive. From India, it can be done in 10 days. The quality of the fabrics we require are the same. It’s been worth every moment of the time that I spent at this show."

Mr N. Vellingiri - Fabric Executive
Christian Fabre Textiles Pvt Ltd., Chennai
"The show was excellent. I am satisfied with the product I have seen. I think we will be increasing our sourcing requirements by at least 10 percent by sourcing products seen at this show. Earlier, we have lost a lot of orders because we did not know the source. For example, the Creative Texture had some excellent organic and bamboo fabrics. Some of the other noteworthy companies were Picano, VHM, K. G. Denim, etc."

Mr Fernando Delgado - Co-founder
Curio Décor, USA

"I got some ideas for pillows and cushion covers using embroidered fabrics. I found fabrics that I equired. They were of the right quality and the right weight. The variety on display was good, but I wish there were a few more. I learnt about this show from your website."

Mr Kapish Tater - Category Manager.
Numero Uno Clothing Ltd., Gurgaon

"A show of this kind should be held at least twice a year. We came from North India and so we could meet with suppliers from this region which we would otherwise not.”

Mr Alexander Evseenko - Head of Production Department
Zolla, Russia

I found some good cotton fabrics here. But I feel that the show should be 10 times bigger in size.”

Mr Pradeep Witharanage - Managing Director
Sadako Group of Companies, Sri Lanka

"We manufacture workwear and home linen and found new companies like Sri Lakshmi and Alok who we could source our products from. That Chinese suppliers are exhibiting here is a positive sign."

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